When Life Gives You Lemons

We are all taught to believe that when life presents us with something we are meant to make the most of it, and so we should. But why don't we?

When life gives you lemons make some bomb a** lemonade! And keep making it so it gets better and better. That first batch may be too sour or perhaps too sweet but what matters is that we keep trying. It's easy to believe life presents us with one shot but in truth we can get that shot again so long as we give that first shot our absolute best and keep doing so every time there after.

Could you imagine if the first person who made beer tasted it and said, "Yeah, no that's awful. On to the next thing." But we know that's not the case and people around the world continue to perfect this recipe constantly with new flavours, new ingredients and new perspective.

Life isn't easy, in fact it can be really hard and trying at times but what matters is that we continue to make the absolute most of the cards we are dealt. Keep giving it your all. Keep pushing for what you want and don't let anyone tell you that your circumstance or "what you have" isn't good enough. Life is what we make of it and people make some pretty boss things in this world with nothing.

Maegan Olmstead