About Maegan

Maegan Olmstead is an aspiring broadcast journalist in the beginning stages of her career. She graduated from Wake Forest University with a Bachelors degree in Communication and a minor in Journalism. During her time at university, she wrote for the student paper the Old Gold & Black, contributed to online platforms, and worked with the Athletic Communications Department conducting on-camera interviews and cutting film for varsity teams.

Born in Brussels, Belgium, Maegan moved between four countries and three states before her sophomore year of high school. As a result, travel, meeting new people and sharing stories have been an integral part of her life. Before entering her sophomore year of college, she studied abroad in India and had the chance to experience a wildly vibrant culture overflowing with history and stories to tell. It is through travels such as these that she has learned every person has a story, it is just a matter of unearthing it.

With a deep passion for people, life, sports and love, this site hopes to dive into these stories and share them. It will allow for a place of community and transform the old style of passing down history and stories by the fireside to an online platform.

Have a story to share? Reach out through the contact form and let's get to know one another.