Frequently Asked Questions

How do i share my story?

We all have a story to share. Simply click on 'Contact' and send me a message about yours and I'll get back to you to learn more. Together we can figure out how best to share your tale.

Why love?

Love is everywhere and everyone has such unique stories of falling in or out of love. Not every relationship is a fairy-tale but it is special and we all learn something through our relationships with others, whether as friends, partners, etc. I am also very intrigued by today's generation of love stories and how they vary from generations past. We could all serve to hear others stories and the lessons they learned.

How do i know if i have a story to share?

Everyone has a story. Even if you aren't sure of yours, feel free to send a message through the 'Contact' form and together we can work through the details.


Why Athletics?

I grew up playing sports and surrounded by athletes and a passion for sports in my family. Playing varsity throughout high school and ultimately suffering a shoulder injury led me to my second passion of public speaking and storytelling. Through sports journalism, I get to maintain my love of sports and telling stories.

How often is the newsletter sent?

The A.L.L. newsletter promises to only hit your inbox once a month with the latest and greatest in our community. Unless something special needs to be shared right away, we will not overwhelm you.


A.L.L. stands for Actively Living in Love. It's a combination of my passions and the way I try to live my life. It is also a play on words with A.L.L. referring to all of us as a community because these are all our stories.