Where do I begin? How do I put this into words?

Each life is unbelievably special. Every life is valuable. Every morning when I wake up I do my best to remind myself that each day is not guaranteed and I am lucky to be able to wake up and breathe fresh air; to plant my feet on the floorboards of a sturdy house; brush my teeth with clean water; use products I paid for to put on my best face; to choose my clothing for the day; to have an easy form of transportation to get to my job; to have a job; to be alive. These are all luxuries in many parts of the world and are not to be taken lightly.

Life is to be valued. We must love one another and appreciate that we are each going through our own journeys and struggles. Often we are quick to judge or critique or assume something about other people but what happens when we step back and ask before answering?

I want this part of the site to be a mix of questions and answers on every aspect of life. Let’s generate conversations with one another and get to know each other better before we judge the other person.

We are all living on this Earth together.

We are all human.

Every life matters and I want to know more about yours.