Love Is For All

We all fall in love. Whether it’s as toddlers running around and pinning a cute boy to kiss him (guilty) or feeling our cheeks burn red for our first crush or the steady love we feel for a partner after years of shared memories.

So why not talk about it? Why not share these compelling, heart wrenching, hopeful stories? Exactly my thought.

I love love. No seriously. I love to find out how people met and each time I do it is unique and so special to that couple. In college, I was formally invited to divest in my passion and I was able to begin to research, interview, film and write about love. (You can check out my first love film here.)

All of this sparked inside of me a desire to seek out love around the world and tell its story because let’s face it we all have one and it deserves to be heard. Whether it ended in tears, screams, lust, amicably, mutually or it never ended, chances are you learned something.

This section of the site will focus on unearthing these stories of love and the lessons we could all serve to learn or reflect upon.

Got a story you want to share with me? Shoot me a message through my contact form and let’s talk love.