Love Is Patient

We are told that love is patient but exercising that patience in our relationships can often be tricky. I know I am guilty of this with my siblings, parents, friends and certainly my partner. Sometimes it can feel like patience is hardest to practice with those we love most but this is where I think the saying comes into play: Love is patient. We as humans are not the most patient but when we truly love someone we understand that their frustration or anger towards us is not something to be taken personally. We know their true self and we know that we love them regardless of when they lose patience with us.

But, what about people losing patience with love? Today it seems like more and more people are expecting true love to come knocking on their door and when it doesn’t they become impatient and seek a quicker form of “love.” Most of us would raise our hand to knowing someone who uses a dating app or website today and while some do use these platforms in hope of actually finding love, many use them as a quick-fix.

We are not being patient for love the way love is patient with us. We are hasty to feel the warmth of a bed shared versus waiting out a couple more cooler nights alone. We rush to feel wanted versus holding out for someone who genuinely cares about us.

Today’s generation has grown up with the idea that they can get anything instantly but sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for. We must practice patience.  Love is patient with us, let’s learn to be a little more patient with love.

Maegan Olmstead