Jock for Life

Sports have been a part of my life pretty much since I joined this world. I participated in tee-ball, the Saturday soccer leagues, swim team, tennis, flag football and any sport or activity I could get my hands on. You bet I skateboarded; roller-blading and roller hockey were major favourites growing up; wrestling with my cousins always took a serious turn quickly. It was clear sports would stay with me. I joined teams in middle school, found myself attending summer camps, became a starter in high school on varsity for volleyball, ice-hockey and crew and spoke with recruiters for college.

Sports transpire religions, races, genders, beliefs and connect us on a level playing field. We can play alongside a teammate knowing they have our back or cheer alongside a complete stranger because seeing them in the same team colours immediately makes them a close friend.

Sitting in the stands I love how conversations can easily break out amongst people who have never met before and will perhaps never see each other again.

When our team loses we feel it as a personal loss and we devour the latest news as fast as we can to stay up to date. Sports provide an escape from our day-to-day and allow us to feel like a part of something.

This section of the site will introduce you to fans and athletes alike, influencers in the space and tell the stories behind the face paint.